How Will Nashville Be Different Now That It’s On CMT?

Photo: Courtesy of CMT
Even though they’ve only aired one new episode of the fifth season, we can already see how CMT might usher in some minor changes for the new season of Nashville. The network has given the show a second chance at life after being cancelled by ABC earlier this year. So what can we expect from the series at their new home? Because they just went through a breakup, we can probably also kiss Nashville’s big Country Music Awards episode goodbye since ABC runs the awards show. Without access to ABC’s media properties, Nashville might have to use some imagination if they want to recreate an entire awards show. This is like the network TV version of changing the Netflix password. Let’s be honest: CMT isn’t known for it’s high drama — at least not in the way Shonda Rhimes would bring it. It specializes in exploiting the subculture of Southern white people who self-identify as “Rednecks.” The sophisticated yet over-the-top plot lines of Nashville already feel like upper middle class cousins from Connecticut coming to visit — grandiose and out of place. Viewers should probably expect some “humbling.” In terms of production as Nashville appears to have been stripped of it’s fast-paced narratives and luxurious frill. But nothing about the characters or storylines seem all that different. Sure it feels a tiny bit more soapy… soap opera soapy. For example, the show itself isn’t the only thing getting a miraculous second chance at life. Juliette survives a horrific plane crash, which isn’t totally believable. But haven’t you come to expect this kind of predictability from Nashville? After being paralyzed and thinking she was saved by a gospel-singing angel, Juliette is having a spiritual awakening. Little does she, she was saved by a gospel singing church-goer. It’s all corny and dramatic in the way viewers are used to. But at least the music is still good, if you’re into country. A blind man sings a great version of “The Wayfaring Stranger.” It looks like the biggest adjustment for this season of Nashville will be trying to find CMT’s channel on your cable box. The second half of the season 5 premiere airs on January 5. More Entertainment Stories:
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