Watch Carrie Fisher's In-Costume Monologue On SNL In 1978

Now, it's hard to remember a time when Saturday Night Live and Star Wars weren't total cultural touchstones. But 1978 was such a time, when SNL was in just its fourth season and A New Hope was just called Star Wars. Carrie Fisher, who died at 60 just yesterday, was the common ground between the two franchises.

Fisher, known for her whip-smart social commentary and pithy humor, took the stage as host when she was just 22. She did so in costume as Leia, opening with a legitimately nonsense joke that involves Jabba the Hutt's daughter, a Bantha, and an invitation to the Millennium Falcon for some "cola and Wookies." Obi-Wan Kenobi even makes an appearance as a disembodied voice. In a way, we think that this appearance is canon.

“I felt a little awkward coming out here in my Princess Leia costume, because it might seem like I’m exploiting Star Wars,” Fisher says by way of introduction. “But I went along with it because if I came out as myself, who would recognize me?”

It's super weird. The 1970s were insane.

Watch below.

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