Twitter Celebrates The End Of Bella Thorne

It seems the internet has officially broken up with Bella Thorne, and a party has ensued. Based on some vague online evidence, it seems that Thorne may have cheated on her boyfriend Tyler Posey, and Twitter is not pleased. The 19-year-old star was spotted canoodling with musician Charlie Puth at the iHeart Radio Jingle Ball, shortly after she'd reportedly split with Posey, 25. Things got a little messy — thorny? — when Thorne posted a throwback photo Wednesday of herself and the Teen Wolf star. What? But we thought she was dating Charlie Puth?

None of this matters, though, because according to Twitter, Bella Thorne is over and celebrations are in order. Users expressed their enthusiasm with GIFs, pictures of Tyler Posey, and K-Pop videos. Others who were late the to the party seemed a little confused by all the K-Pop.

As one user complained, "When you try to find out what happened with the #BellaThorneIsOverParty BUT every time you click on a video it turns to k-pop 3 seconds in."

I'll admit — I'm also confused by it. But I can't explain the internet. Some Twitter user somewhere decided the #BellaThorneIsOverParty requires Korean music, and the theme stuck.

Still others argue that the party never even started, asking why people care about Thorne in the first place. Honestly, there are a lot of reasons to care about Bella Thorne — she came out as bisexual on Twitter, for one, and she has a whole slew of projects hitting the big screen in 2017.

Nevertheless, it's the holidays, and some, at least, seem to think a celebration is in order.

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