This Site Makes Donating Your Old Stuff Painfully Simple

A lot of us have useless stuff lying around but can't be bothered to deliver or ship it. So, Give Back Box is making this process painfully easy. All you have to do to help people in need this holiday season is put stuff in a box, print a label or get one from a UPS store, and drop it off at the post office or schedule a pickup, all for free.

This'll work with any cardboard box, like the ones you receive when you order something online, Scary Mommy reports. All the items will go to Goodwill, which sells people's old things and uses the money to help people get educations and jobs.

"By giving a box a second life, you are giving someone the job training they need for a second chance," Give Back Box told Scary Mommy. "Additionally, you are helping the planet by recycling the cardboard box."
If one of the things you're trying to get rid of is your election pantsuit, though, consider donating it to this woman, who's helping women dress for job interviews.

The important thing, though, is just to do something. No matter what you give, it could go a long way toward improving someone's holidays.

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