Penguins Get Some Air

I'm not really sure where I heard this, but Jim Carrey is apparently obsessed with penguins. He would have them at his parties, he talked about them often, he even made Mr. Popper's Penguins as part of his connection with the animals.

“Some people resist working with children and animals but I love capturing the spark of innocence,” he told the Telegraph when promoting the film. “It’s really difficult to be unhappy around a penguin. They’re like puppies, times ten.”

So, to that end, penguins were brought to the One World Observatory on Wednesday. Gothamist writes that the event was part of the Observatory's holiday programming, specifically "Kid's Day." Betty and Vern Penguin were moved from New Jersey at Jenkinson’s Aquarium to the 100th floor of the One World building. To quote Step Brothers, "Someone got some air."
Jezebel writer Aimée Lutkin speculates that the penguins were likely terrified. We're not penguin behavioral experts, but these two dudes look like they're cruising. Also, come on, man.
Let's look at these suckers one more time.

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