Here Is Your One-Stop Shop For All Things Mariah

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Everyone's favorite diva is destined for a media takeover, and I'm not just talking about how "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is the only song radio stations play this time of year. Carey has officially launched her latest venture, and it's the best news fans of the singer have gotten since E! announced Carey's reality show Mariah's World. On Thursday, Carey launched her new website, and it's basically the internet curated by Ms. Carey.

Carey's new site shares a name with her E! reality show, so consider it a digital companion for when you're done obsessing over the drama on her new series. As reported by Buzzfeed, features exclusive Carey content you won't get anywhere else. This content includes the release of never-before-seen videos from her Christmas album, which the songstress will drop on the site December 23, 24, and 25. Merry Carey-mas, ya'll.

That's not to say is all Carey, all the time: The singer's site also acts as a blog that covers a range of topics. The website is broken down into five sections — Music, Beauty and Style, Lifestyle, Travel, and Dem Babies! — and features posts, lists, and videos on the different topics. There aren't a ton of posts yet, but Buzzfeed reports fans can expect daily updates.

There aren't any authors listed on Carey's site, so perhaps she is writing all the content herself? Given Carey's whirlwind schedule I find it hard to believe the superstar will be updating her own site every day, but either way, each post on the platform is very much written in Carey's voice and style. For example: an article on stylish New Year's Eve dresses features clothes that are not only very much on-brand with Carey's wardrobe but also come with a Grammy-winner price tag.

Oh, and because Carey knows how busy you are, she's also listed how long it will take to read each article. Some articles are a three-minute read, others a five-minute one — just in case you want to organize your lunch hour with as many articles as possible.

If you bow down at the altar of Mariah, you're going to appreciate reading her opinions on an amazing winter vacation and all things babiez. She's not reinventing the internet, but she is adding some Carey-level pizzazz to it.

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