This Beloved K-Beauty Brand Just Revived Our Pokémon Obsession

This summer's release of Pokémon Go was so much more than a trend — it was a downright craze. People all over the world were glued to their phones, walking through life with their heads down and Lure Modules in place, ready to plow through a large crowd in order to catch a Vaporeon should the need arise. Of course, it wasn’t long before the responsibilities of adult life beckoned, and we were forced to think of work as more than just a hangout space for Pikachu. Bo-ring.
While the trendy app may have been pushed to the side along with our Game Boys, Korean beauty brand TonyMoly is reviving the movement with a full lineup of Pokémon-inspired products. A Squirtle-shaped moisturizer, three lip tints featuring Pikachu, a grapefruit-infused, Charizard-approved sheet mask — you can catch them all.
But, as with most good things, there’s a downside. Unless you’re willing to pay up for international shipping or place your trust — and your credit card security code — in the hands of a website that's translated from a language you don’t understand, getting ahold of the collection could be difficult. Think of it this way, though: At least this new gotta-have-it obsession won’t be a severe drain on your phone battery.

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