Sarah Michelle Gellar Deserves An Award For Her Elf On The Shelf Skills

Photo: Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock.
Everyone has surprising obsessions. Yes, even celebrities. But Sarah Michelle Gellar's obsession with her Elf on the Shelf is really something else.

Many families around the world own Elf on the Shelf and use the (slightly creepy, IMO) elves to spread holiday cheer throughout their homes. The purpose of them, for those unfamiliar, is to place one, or a few, of the scout elves around your house to encourage your kids to be good for Santa.

But Gellar has taken the activity to the next level. The actress and mother of two creates custom scenarios for the elves, and it's so impressive. Someone get this woman an Oscar for Best Production Design, please.

Here we have the elves doing "the twist" with some friends.

Come on baby let's do the twist #elfontheshelf

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Here they are receiving "stars" on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Welcome to Hollywood...what's your dream?? #elfontheshelf

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Here the elves are at a lemonade stand.

I guess even #elves need to make a living #entrepreneurlife #startuplife #werk #elfontheshelf

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Now they're in the kitchen, whipping up some treats.
Here they are living their best mermaid life.

Some nights you just need to snuggle with the person you love in matching #mermaidtailblanket #elfontheshelf

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And finally, here they are promoting their favorite play, Hamilton.
I only hope her kids appreciate this level of craftsmanship.

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