My Horse Prince Is A Decadent & Depraved Dating Sim About Horses

My Horse Prince is a Japanese-import mobile game that opens in a field. The faceless narrator, you, explains that she's tired of dating mid-level salarymen in the big city. So she goes to a ranch because there are horses there. After all, she reasons, princes ride horses. Maybe she'll meet a prince. Unfortunately, a ranchhand tells you that there are no princes, only jockeys and horses. So a horse with the face of a man walks over and *sparkles* at you.

From there, things get really out of hand.

My Horse Prince is part resource management simulator, part conversational sim, and entirely a game about trying to get a horse to become romantically interested in dating you. The gameplay opens when you feed your new boyfriend carrots in a pen and try to guess the right things to say to him so he'll like you more. We won't spill too much ink on the insanely fucked-up gender dynamics the game is enforcing (you are trying to curry favor with a horse and your personality is as successful as it matches with his), but it's pretty remarkable.

Wanting to date and have sex with a horse is not a particularly new phenomenon. Even in the internet era, the Brony community has really pioneered cartoon horse fetishism and brought it to the American market. Bronies, of course, are male fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. One of their terms of art is "clopping," which means masturbating to a pornographic rendering of an MLP character. Not all Bronies engage in that sort of thing, but it's not exactly rare. We won't provide a link for that. You are free to look it up, but do so at your own peril.

My Horse Prince isn't as sexual as all that. But we've only just scratched the surface of everything the game has to offer. Here are some screencaps that we've seen floating around.
We'll leave you with a final screencap.

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