Dear Lea Michele, Food Is Not A Reward

Photo: MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock.
We've always loved Lea Michele's approach to health and fitness, which usually boils down to taking care of your whole body and doing what makes you happy more than anything. But, in a recent interview with People, the Scream Queens star made a problematic comment that we found troubling and totally out of character. While discussing what pushes her through a workout, Michele said it's all about the, er, reward that comes after: "Knowing that I can eat whatever I want afterward always makes me feel good! I need a goal at the end of anything that I do." It's great to keep a goal in mind while working out, but it's not so great if that goal is to eat something you wouldn't eat if you hadn't just exercised. Physical activity isn't a kind of currency you can use to "purchase" a tasty meal or extra snack. Ideally, you're exercising for the health benefits, how it makes you feel, and basically following the tenets of rational fitness. And, hey, if you want a piece of pizza, just eat that piece of pizza, workout or no workout. You don't need to earn or get permission to eat certain foods. Michele has offered plenty of down-to-earth health advice in the past — but this kind of comment will always rub us the wrong way.

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