This Beauty Product Is A Total Blast From The Past

If you’ve blocked out your middle school days to the point that you only vaguely remember gym class and locking yourself in your bedroom (we understand), allow us to refresh your memory. A well-stocked pencil case was not complete without one of those four-color retractable pens. This novelty writing tool was key for everything — from taking notes in rainbow hues to spicing up your average classroom doodles. Basically, it was a backpack staple. Consider the Clarins 4-Colour All-in-One Pen the graduated version of that school necessity — only it suits your grown-up beauty routine. Instead of barrels full of multicolored ink, you’ll find three smooth, creamy eyeliners in black, rich brown, and royal blue, plus a lipliner in the perfect neutral shade. Makeup-bag minimalists will delight in the tool, but it’s also handy for anyone who wants to keep their essentials in one grab-and-go place. Which is everyone, right? If you’re willing to overlook the more trying times of your adolescence and embrace the waves of nostalgia this limited-edition pen is likely to evoke, then hit up the Clarins website the first week of January to snag your own for $30. There are some things that are best left in the past, but unlike your high school boyfriend, this isn’t one of them.

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