13 New Year's Eve Kisses That Are More Memorable Than Our Own

If you made a list of life experiences that are more fun to watch on screen than actually try out for yourself, the New Year's Eve kiss would definitely make the top five.

In Hollywood, they're romantic and tension-building and accompanied by Harry Connick Jr's rich baritone. In reality, they're pressuring you to swap spit with a stranger who brags about being from "Strong Island" just so you won't feel left out. We'll pass, thanks.

We may find the tradition fairly useless and anticlimactic, but that doesn't mean we don't still have a soft spot for the versions we see on TV and in movies. We choose to believe that not only did Billy Crystal somehow run the length of Manhattan in mere seconds, but that one day (maybe) someone will do the same for us. And if they don't, who cares? Fredo Corleone got a big New Year's Eve smooch, and look at how well that worked out for him.

Click through for some of Hollywood's most memorable midnight makeouts.

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