This Woman Had The Best Response To People Asking When She Would Have Kids

"When are you having kids?" is a common question directed at women — and an infuriating one at that. Despite more and more women choosing to remain childfree, the expectation remains that we pop out babies as soon as we have the chance.

But instead of letting anger over this line of questioning get the best of her, Imgur user marlboroprincess decided to respond with humor, Mashable reports.

To appease the people who imposed sexist expectations on her, she posted a series of pregnancy photos. Only instead of a fetus, she has her dog Leelu. And instead of coming out the normal way, Leelu enters this world through the top of her shirt.

Otherwise, totally the same thing. She's got a pregnancy test and everything.

"My husband and I have been married three years, and everyone is bugging us about having a baby," she wrote. "Close enough, right?" We'd say so.

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