You'll Soon Be Able To Own Heated Lube Dispensers

Photo: Courtesy of Pulse
Cold lube sounds like the absolute worst Mad Libs answer, but in the winter time, it's a reality for couples who are just trying to get steamy. You could wait and warm it up in your hands, buy a lotion warmer off Amazon, or throw caution to the wind and shell out for this $250 warm lube dispenser. Yep.

It's called the "Pulse," Gizmodo reports, and it works kind of like a Keurig (but don't get them confused). Instead of getting your lube from a tube (which the Pulse website calls "outdated"), this sleek contraption plugs into your wall and heats up little pods of lube before dispensing some of it into your hand the same way you get soap from an automatic machine. Its minimalist design provides "just the right amount of mystery." This video shows the artist at work.
Photo: Courtesy of Pulse
This dispenser doesn't take just any old lube, oh no. It takes special Pulse lube pods in order to fully reap the benefits. You can get a pack of six for $25, so no, the heated lube lifestyle isn't exactly cheap. But, if you're shelling out $250 just to save a couple seconds of foreplay, you might as well really commit to it.

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