Jennifer Lawrence Pitched The Worst App Idea To T.J. Miller

We're glad that Jennifer Lawrence is making it in Hollywood, mostly because she's a fabulous actress and an all-around entertaining person. But also because, in light of a recent interview, it's abundantly clear that she probably wouldn't do so well over in Silicon Valley.
The actress appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden on Tuesday night alongside T.J. Miller. Lawrence and Corden decided to pitch their app ideas to the Silicon Valley star. Lawrence went first. "This is a very real app. I want to really hammer that in," she began. "My idea for an app is where you would see what you and your dog's baby would look like," she deadpanned. "Or cat!"
Lawrence fleshed out her rather interesting idea for the bewildered Corden and Miller. "You take a picture of yourself, a picture of the dog. And the whole key to this app idea is it's all in the details. It has to be very real... It's all about the features," she explained. "The more realistic it is, the better." Potential investors should note that it also works with pigs and hogs. The app actually sounds kind of freaky. We'll wait to see the first prototype, but... we'll stick with SnapChat filters for now.
Oh, and as for Corden's app idea? All you need to know is that it's a dating app called Puber. Come to think of it, the Brit is definitely better-suited to the world of late night TV than tech.

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