You’ll Either Love Or Hate Starbucks’ New Holiday Frapp

Photo: Courtesy of Starbucks.
It's never too late in the holiday season for a surprise Starbucks flavor. And we mean it when we say that this new beverage is, well, surprising. Forget the crème brûlée and gingerbread lattes or eggnog frapps of late — all these aforementioned drinks have been playing it seasonally safe. But not Starbucks' newest creation. The coffee company has presented us with what it's calling a take on a "popular holiday flavor." Meet the Fruitcake Frappuccino. We're detecting heavy air-quotes around "popular." The new offering is crafted by blending a hazelnut créme frapp with dried fruit and cinnamon. The fruitcake-y beverage is then finished off with a topping of whipped cream that's been dotted with caramel and sprinkled with a dusting of matcha. And all that actually, sounds pretty damn delicious. So even though we may be skeptical of fruitcakes as a beloved holiday dessert (we're holiday cookie people), maybe the frappuccino version will make us reconsider the classic treat. Starting today, participating locations across the U.S. and in Canada will be whipping up this limited edition drink. But you better snag a taste before they disappear on December 18 — and let us know in the comments whether you love or hate fruitcake, because there's really nothing in between.

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