5 Gifts-In-A-Jar That Will Save You From Last-Minute Present Disasters

Photographed by Nick Ferrari; prop styling by Gozde Eker; food styling by Victoria Granof.
It happens every year. No matter how much planning, prepping, and online ordering we do, we always, without fail, get stuck in some kind of gifting bind. Maybe it's a spur-of-the-moment invite to a party and a sudden need to bring something for the host. Or a cousin who makes a surprise visit for the holidays.
Whatever the problem, we inevitably scurry around looking for any still-open stores and usually end up gifting a bottle of mediocre wine with a bow slapped on (if we're lucky.) A cheap bottle of nondescript wine is our version of SNL's Christmas Candle. But not this year. We're officially taking a stand against the $10 wines and the re-gifted candles of the world. And it's all thanks to jars.
Have you noticed that everything looks cooler/better/like you made it with love, when you put it in jar? So here's the plan: We're going to make a bunch of these food gift jars to give out to friends and family and the random person we forgot to add to our list. They're easy, inexpensive, and require no crafting skills whatsoever. Plus, you'll seem extra-thoughtful for gifting something DIY.
Click through to see all five delicious ideas and leave gifting anxiety behind with last year's ugly sweater.

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