These Are The Most Delivered Takeout Meals Of 2016

Photo: Getty Images.
For those of us whose "Netflix and chill" really means Netflix and takeout, we've just received word on some crucial scientific findings. Grubhub has just released what it's calling "a comprehensive, interactive analysis of delivery trends throughout 2016." Officially titled, "A Year In Delivery," we're calling it, "a report on what I inhaled while binge-watching all of GOT for three straight months last winter." Or, "A Year On My Couch."
If you went through your fair share of pizza and Chinese takeout orders over the last year, then these findings might actually surprise you. The five most popular delivery dishes of 2016 weren't necessarily your brown-bagged bundles of burritos, burgers, and sushi rolls. In fact, most of these dishes are things we wouldn't dream of forking down in PJs with plastic utensils. They're more along the lines of dine-out dishes that we'd expect from our favorite sit-down joints. Click through to see which five dishes made the cut, and tell us in the comments if any of them are currently in your order history.

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