This Girl’s Facebook Invite Went Hilariously Wrong

I don't know about you, but in recent years, most of my friends have stopped sending event invites via Facebook and opted for email invites, often of the Paperless Post variety, instead. Part of the reason might be that we're so bombarded with mass event invites for poetry readings and holiday markets, that some of us ignore Facebook events altogether. But more often, the reason is that a party announced on Facebook always ends up being larger than you want it to be. Rubi Ibarra Garcia, a teenager in Mexico, learned this the hard way. According to the BBC, the girl's parents created a video, inviting everyone to her quinceañera, complete with local bands and a horse race, and posted it online as part of a Facebook event. What Garcia's father, Crescencio Ibarra, didn't realize was that he set the invite to "public" instead of "private."
The invite has since gone viral, with 1.2 million people RSVPing for a party originally intended just for the family's neighbors. While accidentally signing up to host 1.2 million people at your daughter's birthday party might cause some to panic, Ibarra has said that he is keeping his promise: Everyone is invited. Garcia's overnight fame has spurned some Twitter jealousy over her birthday turnout, and, as with any viral sensation, hilarious memes and its own hashtag, #XVdeRuby.
Should you decide that you, too, need to be at the unexpected party of the century, you're in luck: The Mexican airline Interjet is offering a 30% discount.
Props to Crescencio Ibarra for taking everything in stride. Time to book some tickets to Mexico.

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