Grandma-fied Remotes Are Pure Viral Genius

It's no secret that grandparents are not the most skilled when it comes to new technology. Or, for that matter, any technology that surpasses the landline. Consider, exhibit A: the TV remote. Not a smart, Siri-enabled remote — just your standard remote. Search "grandma remote" on Twitter and you'll find that the examples of tech-challenged elderly are many.
Now, some clever grandchildren have taken matters into their own hands. This work of genius has been trending across Twitter: the grandma-fied remote…
With some tape and paper you, too, can make your grandma's life immensely easier — and cut down on the number of times you need to help her change the channel. All that matters is labeling the on/off button, noting which channel is PBS, and maybe labeling an evening news channel or two. Unfortunately, this does not mean that you'll have a say in what you get to watch when you're with her for the holidays. But hey, it's the little achievements that count.

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