Starbucks’ First New Latte Of 2017 Is Finally Here

Photo: Courtesy of Starbucks.
Update: Since 2016 came to a close, all our favorite holiday beverages are now officially out of season. But before the panic sets in on what your remaining go-to winter Starbucks' orders will be, we've got some news: The brand new Cascara Latte has finally made it's highly anticipated debut. So go out and grab yours now while supplies last (and the panic has immediately set back in).
This article was originally published on December 7, 2016.
Finish sipping your spicy mochas and crème brûlée lattes. Then, please set them down. We wouldn't want any spitting, choking, or burnt tongues over the news that just dropped. At its Biennial Investor Conference, Starbucks just announced what the first new latte of 2017 will be — latte-lovers, listen up!
As with all good things, it started with a good name: The Cascara Latte. Wondering what the hell that means or, more importantly, tastes like? We were, too. According to the coffee company, cascara is a Spanish word that translates to the "husk" or "shell" of a coffee cherry (i.e., the fruit surrounding the coffee bean). It's this very cherry that lends the new latte a hint of sweet fruity flavor. The signature latte was already a hit at The Starbucks Roastery in Seattle. Now, the previously small-batch drink is ready go national. What's next, vegetable lattes made from corn husks?!
Since this limited-edition latte won't be available until January 2017, we'll just have to go back to holiday beverage sipping until further notice.

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