Twitter Beats Up On Montreal’s Sad Little Christmas Tree

This year, Montreal was all set to erect the tallest Christmas tree in North America, with an 80-foot pine beauty. The ambition was to beat New York City's always-spectacular tree at Rockefeller Plaza, which is, on average, around 75 ft, per the Montreal Gazette. In November, those grand plans were trampled on by NYC's 2016 tree — all 94 feet of it. Montreal scrambled to find something to top the Rockefeller giant, but alas, spectacularly failed. And the internet is a funnier place for it.
Montreal's Christmas tree measures up at a lackluster 70 feet, not even coming close to meeting its goal. It's also skinny, scraggly, lopsided, sparse, and barely decorated. In fact, the main decor consists of small red Canadian Tire logos. Twitter is not going easy on the Canadian city's choice of holiday centerpiece. People are comparing it, most charmingly, to the Charlie Brown Christmas tree — as well as, slightly less charmingly, a limp erection. Take a look at all the unflattering shots, memes, and insults being doled out by the tree's trolls. But just remember: Thankfully, the tree has no feelings. And ugly Christmas trees could totally be the new ugly Christmas sweaters.

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