Now You Can Tweet Emojis At Google For Recipes & Restaurant Recommendations

The one common language the world shares is emoji, and even Google knows it. On Tuesday, the search engine launched a new feature on Twitter that allows users to Tweet at the company using an emoji, and the account will respond with restaurant recommendations and other results pertaining to whatever illustration they chose. Why? Why not! "There are 21 million tweets sent every hour, and 600,000 of them contain at least one emoji," a Google representative told Eater. "A staggering 74 percent of people in the U.S. regularly use emojis, sending an average of 96 per day." Simply @-reply Google with an emoji, and it will respond with results using the hashtag #KnowNearby. For instance, some people want to know where they can get a decent cup of coffee.
And, as always, Google has the answer.
Or perhaps you're in the mood for a quick burger...
Google can point you in the right direction.
It's not just food. Google prepared for responses all across the board, including those emojis that of course someone had to tweet.
Now there's all the more reason for emoji to diversify its catalogue, because I never want to have to type a Google search again.

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