The Teen Mom OG Reunion Fight Aired & Proved This Feud Just Won’t Die

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Teen Mom OG's Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham are best kept in separate rooms. MTV finally aired the reality stars' physical altercation during the Teen Mom OG reunion and things got full-on Jerry Springer. Can't we all just get along, ladies? The Real Mr. Housewife first reported about the drama at the October 22 reunion, and MTV finally aired the drama on Monday. During the reunion, which was moderated by Dr. Drew Pinsky, Portwood lunged at Abraham shortly after the controversial mom referred to Portwood's fiancé — who is 20 years older than her — as "[looking] like a pedophile." That's when things got absolutely bananas. As Perez Hilton reports, Portwood attempted to punch Abraham, but missed. Abraham's parents then rushed the stage. Baier, who had joined his fiancée on the stage, pushed Abraham's dad to the ground. Security escorted Portwood and her boyfriend offstage, because, uh, you definitely can't do any of the above-mentioned things, no matter how horrible the person. Viewers shouldn't have expected Portwood and Abraham's reunion to go smoothly, considering the moms have been taking shots at one another via social media. Following the reunion — but before the air date — the two have fired off their own, equally immature jabs. Responding to Portwood stating that she's happy she's not Abraham, her reality star rival posted this Instagram:
Portwood shot back with a Miss Piggy meme that speaks volumes now that we know about Portwood's near-punch at the reunion:

Oh Miss Piggy violence is not the answer?

A photo posted by Amber Leann Portwood (@realamberlportwood1__) on

Ugh. Portwood and Abraham's drama is so childish, especially coming from women who have children of their own. The name-calling, the threats, the attacks... it might be fun on a soap opera, but in real life, it's pathetic.

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