This Cushion Compact Is About To Solve All Your Skin Concerns

To those who have mastered the wizard-like skill of color-correcting, we say this: Congratulations. You can stop reading now, because you're already a bona fide pro. But if you're on the other side of the spectrum and find the concept too intimidating (or time-consuming) to learn — but still deal with dreaded dark spots, redness, or general unevenness — then the latest launch from First Aid Beauty is for you.
Let us introduce you to a new makeup-meets-skin care hybrid: Hello Fab 3-in-1 Superfruit Color Correcting Cushion. First, the obvious: The random spirals of color. It's packed with three common color-correcting pigments: green (to counteract redness), pink (to even out skin tone), and purple (to brighten) — all swirled into one cushion compact. Meaning, of course, that it does the hard work for you. Lazy girls, rejoice. Naturally, we gave it a go. For me personally, this bad boy made my a.m. routine 10 times easier. I deal with undereye circles and dull, lackluster skin — and one sweep of this liquid-y goodness zaps my visage back to life, so I can then use less foundation. We also tested it against a complexion prone to redness. Good news: Our volunteer found a significant reduction in spots. Another volunteer with hyperpigmentation showed the least improvement (it's not a concealer, so it doesn't completely cover) — but it did help to diffuse unevenness.
What makes it even cooler is that housed inside this teensy, portable pouch are loads of good-for-your-skin ingredients. Namely: dragonfruit and blueberry extracts to help ward off environmental aggressors (ahem, pollution), plus heavy-hitting hydrators niacinamide and squalene. So, even if you buy it solely for its cosmetic, aesthetic purposes, you'll be getting a dose of skin-care benefits, too. You can snag your own for $36, exclusively at Sephora, starting tomorrow. And make sure to check out the entire collection, which includes a coconut-infused priming moisturizer; the green-juice equivalent of a face mist; and gentle, caffeinated face wipes — all for less than $30.

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