Michelle Williams & James Van Der Beek Had A Mini Dawson’s Creek Reunion

Photo: Todd Williamson/Getty/Amazon Studios.
Pictured: Williams and Van Der Beek at Saturday night's party.
Fire up the Paula Cole. Jen and Dawson are in the house. Some genius invited James Van Der Beek to a party hosted by Matt Damon and Jeff Bezos in support of Manchester by the Sea Saturday night. The critically adored film stars Michelle Williams, a.k.a. JVDB's old Dawson's Creek love interest, resulting in a photo opp that warms our Capeside-crushing hearts. First takeaway: These two have aged really, really well. Second takeaway: Where the hell are Pacey (Joshua Jackson) and Joey (Katie Holmes)? Believe it or not, but it's been more than 13 years since the Dawson's Creek finale aired. As diehard fans know, Williams' character Jen Lindley sadly died of pulmonary congestion in the last episode. That, and the actress' Oscar-courting film career, make a formal Capeside reunion unlikely. But hey, at least we have this photo. Thanks for that, Matt Damon.

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