If You Love Burgers & Burritos, Meet The Burgrito

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Do you love a burrito? How about a delicious burger? How would you feel if you could eat both of these tasty treats in one meal? Well, you don't have to guess anymore, because a burger-burrito mashup is coming to Park Slope, NY, in 2017. Say hello to Burgrito's, a restaurant that sells a burger and fries wrapped in a flour tortilla. That beautiful combination is called a burgrito. According to Gothamist, the first NYC Burgrito's location will open in Brooklyn. If you're not adventurous enough to try its mashup, Burgrito's also sells regular burgers and burritos. The restaurant also has burrito bowls and tacos, too. But let's be honest: You're really going there for the burgritos.

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Now, if you're from California, the concept of a burgrito isn't new or exciting, especially since such a thing already exists, albeit with a bun and avocado rather than a tortilla. But for New Yorkers — who seemingly adore mashups like cronuts — this is a pretty big deal. "It has its own unique flavor," Darin Laby, Burgrito's co-owner, told DNAinfo, noting that by excluding the beans and rice, it creates a different flavor. He called it "the best of both worlds." The only problem we can see with the burgrito is that it's missing beans and guacamole. Let's face it: Who wants to eat a burrito without them? Surely, a proper burgrito requires these essential elements? We can all judge for ourselves when Burgrito's opens at 173 Fourth Avenue, in Park Slope, next year.

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