Connie Cam: It Finally Happened — We Tried A Cronut!

We couldn't take it any more. The incessant rumors about the glorious cronuts, the hype surrounding the culinary hybrid — it was almost enough to drive us to extreme measures. And, no, we're not talking "I'd rather have a cronut than pay my rent" extremes. We — or rather, our brave venturer Connie — woke up with the sun to wait in a line that wraps around a city block, beginning at Dominique Ansel Bakery.
Thankfully, when Connie made it inside, she not only scored one of the 300 (and 300 only!) cronuts made daily, she also got to grill Ansel about the intricacies of the famous confection that makes people go bonkers. Watch ahead for the one-on-one, and, most importantly, the moment of truth: Connie eats a cronut.
Edited by Christopher Michael Beer; Shot by Jack Pearce and Nora De Broder

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