Lady Gaga's Victoria's Secret Performance Gives Us A "Million Reasons" To Watch

Photo: David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock.
We still have to wait until Monday, December 5, to see just how well the superstars, super-lingerie, and supermodels mixed at this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, but someone on the internet has given us a little sneak peek. A leaked video of Lady Gaga's performance of "Million Reasons" shows that Mother Monster could be the highlight of the evening.

In a full-body-hugging, full-length semi-transparent gown adorned with roses, and an elegant updo, Gaga walks onstage to begin the melancholy Joanne single. She seems more the Gaga of those Tony Bennett duets than her weirder, wilder self. She's all class as she sings her heart out completely live (with a couple of wobbly, flat notes to prove it).

But the weirdness is there, if you look for it — and if we know Gaga, it's completely by design. This is the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, an exuberant display of "perfect" bodies in elaborate costumes designed to get everyone in the mood to buy more this holiday season. We're used to seeing upbeat, flashy performances by pop stars to accompany the Angels' struts. Each model wears wings made up of flowers or giant pheasant feathers, and accompanying their delicate bras and underwear are billowing sleeves, floral embroidered skirts, and even lederhosen that seem to be an homage to ... Bavarian barmaids? They're also wearing superhero boots. None of that is strange in this context, of course.

And then there, in the middle of this Carnaval Oktoberfest Slumber Party on Mars, is Gaga, looking at them all mournfully, reaching out to their alien flower-feather-wings, and singing in a slight country twang about how badly she needs to cut herself free from her deceitful lover. CBS, if you cut this, you do not understand the human condition.

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