Please, Don’t Pay Anyone To Come Up With Your Wedding Hashtag

Photographed by Winnie Au.
The Wedding Industrial Complex may have officially gone too far. Yesterday, The Cut published an article about a business called Happily Ever #Hashtagged, which was recently launched by Marielle Wakim. Wakim, who is an editor for Los Angeles magazine, had become her friends' go-to source for wedding hashtags, so she decided she would try to make some money off the skill. On her new business' website, she wrote, "If there are two things I love, it's weddings and wordplay. So when wedding hashtags became a thing, it felt natural to marry those two loves (see what I did there?)." Cute. So we know she's witty and most likely good at the job, but how much are we talking for her creative services? According to the packages and prices page of her site, a single hashtag will run you $40. You can also get three hashtags for $85 or one wedding hashtag and a bachelor or bachelorette party hashtag for $115. In the grand scheme of wedding expenses, those amounts seem totally insignificant, but really why spend any amount of money on having someone who doesn't even know you or your partner come up with your personalized wedding hashtag? I'd hope you have at least one clever friend or relative who can help you brainstorm. Before you fork over 40 bucks, try crowdsourcing your funniest friends and family members. If you're really at a loss, well, sounds like Happily Ever #Hashtagged was launched with you mind.

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