Update: Feud Between Two Las Vegas Magicians Will Make You Nostalgic For High School

The feud continues — and Criss Angel may have finally revealed the real reason for his anger. On December 1, the magician shared this tweet about David Copperfield, claiming the magician did not make good on his promise to donate thousands to pediatric cancer research.
December 1, 2016: The amount of time most people spend daily thinking about staged magic acts is somewhere between zero and one percent. Clearly that has to change, because Criss Angel and David Copperfield are giving us a feud for the ages. Thanks to Buzzfeed, we now have a chronicled account of the feud between these two magic acts, and it is truly legendary — if not just a touch high school. Angel proved that both the laws of physics and taking the high road are beneath him when he started shading fellow Las Vegas magician Copperfield on Twitter. According to Buzzfeed, the mean tweets began after Forbes named Copperfield the highest-paid magician in the world. Angel, not having it, fired off diss tweets like the one below:
The recurring theme here seems to be that Copperfield (unaffectionately referred to as DC in Angel's tweets) has "bought" fake Twitter followers.
Angel also retweeted articles that not only complimented his magic act, but compared him to certain other acts on the strip that were subpar. Hmm.
What does Copperfield have to say? Not much. He's too busy retweeting some of his 3.59 million (real?) Twitter followers who are raving about his act. However, just because Copperfield is seemingly taking the high road doesn't mean the high road doesn't have a few dips now and then... like when he retweeted this interesting message:
FYI, Angel and Copperfield, if Jim Carrey and Steve Carrell have already made a movie about your feud, it might just mean you're being ridiculous.

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