This College's Acceptance "Letters" Are Too Cool For School

Photo: Getty Images.
When I was accepted to the college I wound up going to, I got a nice fat envelope in the mail with a felt pennant tucked inside. I was thrilled, obviously, but looking back now, the snail mail notification feels a little old school. It certainly can't compare to the unconventional acceptance "letters" that the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is sending students this year.

According to CNN, the university is letting anxious high schoolers know their fate via Snapchat. Students who are accepted will get a snap from the university that shows its mascot, Phlash the Phoenix, holding balloons and the celebration emoji. In lime green letters are the very enthusiastically punctuated words: "Congrats!! You've been accepted to UWGB!!!"

There are no rejection snaps, luckily, so those students will be let down gently with a traditional mailing. Students who are going to spend the next four years as Phoenixes will also get a hard copy letter that they can hang on to, sleep with, frame, take to family reunions, or do whatever else they might please with it.

Note to colleges everywhere: Telling students with a snap is way faster — and more surprising — than simply sending a congratulatory T-shirt in the mail. What's next? Personalized Instagram Stories, perhaps? Students of the (potential) class of 2021, may the snaps be ever in your favor.

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