Brad Pitt & Kate Hudson Would Actually Be The Perfect Couple, IMO

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I read a rumor that Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson are secretly sleeping together, and I felt a wave of pure joy wash over me. Hudson and Pitt? I would have never even considered this, but now I can't get it out of my head. It's perfect! At this point, the rumor is baseless, but just thinking about a hypothetical Pitt-Hudson union made me realize how seamlessly these two go together. If I were their mutual friend, I would absolutely force them to give a relationship a shot. Hudson is the ideal rebound for Pitt: She's fun, she's cheerful, she's spontaneous, and she's not nearly as intense as Angelina Jolie. Even though Hudson usually dates musicians (she was previously married to Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes and engaged to Matthew Bellamy of Muse), I think she could make an exception for the newly single and ruggedly handsome Pitt. In September, Hudson told Howard Stern that all she wants in a partner is someone hot. Word for word, she said: "I just want someone really hot." Stern asked for some examples, and she said Pitt. Consider the stars aligned (literally and figuratively).
Hudson's recent escapades have been questionable. (Smh at Nick Jonas, but I get it. We all saw those pictures). And Pitt's wounds are still fresh (RIP Brangelina, a couple I totally 'shipped), and he shouldn't rush into anything too serious. But now I'm looking to the future, and they should, too. When you look at the facts, it's clear that the two are compatible on so many levels. Here are all the reasons that Pitt and Hudson would make the Best Couple of 2017.
They're both A-list actors (even though they always play the same exact character in every movie). They both smoke weed. They both are surprisingly good singers. They both enjoy Muse. They both have iconic dance moves. They both have inspired, or written, a cookbook. They both are blond and remind me of playful golden retrievers. They both have young kids and can share parenting advice. They both have an attachment to Almost Famous (Pitt almost played Hudson's love interest). They both have been famous for a long, long time. They both have awkward laughs. They both are pretty basic and could be satisfied with a night of hand-rolled joints, U2 records, and good conversation. I would even volunteer to watch the kids.

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