This Yoga Blogger Just Reminded Us That We Have Cellulite For Totally Normal Reasons

At some point in many a woman's life, cellulite has caused...feelings. For whatever reason, dimpled thighs have long been a source of grief. Thankfully, heroes like Amber Rose and Ashley Graham have been working to turn cellulite into a mark of beauty rather than shame, and now one prominent blogger is continuing the trend. Erin Motz, who's the voice behind the Bad Yogi YouTube channel, took to Facebook this past Monday with some refreshing thoughts on our hangups around the oh-so-notorious cellulite — and it is definitely worth a read. "Look, I know that the 'media' publishes a lot of images that give us unrealistic expectations about what bodies look like. But who perpetuates them? Do we see our own dimples and 'imperfections' (I’m hesitant to use that word, but for lack of a better one, I’ll use it) and cringe? What if we saw these 'perfect' images and saw them for what they are: edited images intended to highlight an item or idea, NOT represent what a body should look like," Motz wrote. "My point is that change in perception starts with US. It starts with YOU!" Motz continued by saying that changing how we view our bodies means accepting them entirely. "I’m super-petite and when I move in certain ways, I totally have cellulite and a few stray stretch marks from having a body that changes over time," she wrote. "These are not things to be ashamed of! It’s like having eyebrows or ears. They’re just there! If you have a body, you have these other things, too." We've come to view normal physical features like cellulite and stretch marks as things that shouldn't be there, as "imperfections," but they've only gotten that reputation thanks to distorted representations of bodies. Like Motz said, they're just another part of our bodies that appear as we grow and change. She closed her post with a story about how her fiancé, whom she calls the Frenchman, was actually happy when he noticed he had a stretch mark on his bicep, calling it a "trophy" from all his visits to the gym. "I can get on board with that perspective. Your entire body is a trophy," she wrote. "Be proud, always!" Check out Motz's full post below.

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