Walking Dead Star Says His Beloved Character Is Probably Gay

Photo: Courtesy of AMC.
Some big news broke this week for fans of The Walking Dead — but whether it's good or bad sort of depends on your priorities as a viewer. Specifically, loyalists who prefer the series remain faithful to Robert Kirkman's original comic books will be pleased. Viewers who have been 'shipping Jesus and Sasha, on the other hand, may be a little bummed about the big development — that Jesus is almost definitely gay.
We're talking about Paul "Jesus" Rovia, of course, the season 7 addition to the show who has quickly become a fan favorite. Actor Tom Payne sat down with The Huffington Post for an AOL Build series interview about the AMC series. The Brit opened up about the likelihood that the show will stay true to the comics when it comes to Jesus — who is gay in the books — and his sexual orientation. "I think that would be amazing," Payne said. And the actor feels pretty confident that the showrunners will approach Jesus' sexual orientation with the same nonchalant attitude as Kirkman. "I know that Kirkman has said about the comic books, 'Yeah, who cares? He's a badass and he happens to be gay.'"
Payne continued, praising the way Kirkman treats sexual orientation in his writing. “I think that’s one of the strongest things about Robert and how he writes the comic books." Payne added, “Why wouldn’t he be [gay]? And I see no reason why that would be different in the show.” Yep, neither do we.

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