The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 5: Go Getters

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This week's episode continues to deal with the fallout from Rick and co's fatal first encounter with Negan, revealing that Maggie did in fact make it to the Hilltop colony, where she's recuperating from the trauma of seeing Glenn beaten to death, which caused issues with her pregnancy, as the Dr. Carson explains that the placenta has been separated from the uterus, but don't worry: The baby's OK. She'll need a few more days to recover, he explains, but this is Maggie we're talking about, and resting isn't something that comes naturally to her. Sasha meets Maggie outside. She takes her to visit Glenn and Abraham's unmarked graves. Sasha gives Maggie the pocketwatch that Hershel gave him to bless their relationship. (All Abe had on him was a cigar, Sasha notes, because of course he did.) The pair plan on staying at the colony until the baby is born. And then finally, the return of Christ! Well, of Jesus, at least. He brings flowers to the graves because he's the best. But before long, Hilltop leader Gregory shows up and tells "Marsha" that she has to go immediately and tell "Rich" what he did for them ("It's Maggie," Jesus corrects him). Gregory is afraid that the saviors will find out that the Hilltop colluded with Rick's group and demand that they leave. Jesus fights him on it, but Gregory wants them to leave in the morning. "But Maggie is pregnant" Sasha exclaims. "Well, that's her mistake," says Gregory, turning to leave. Meanwhile, back at Alexandria, Carl tests his depth perception by tossing darts and completely missing the dartboard. Carl wants to stay to protect Judith, but Rick wants him to come look for offerings for Negan. Then we get a Richonne makeout sesh for fanservice. Michonne, stays behind as well. She has her own plan but refuses to share it with Carl. Stewing, Carl comes across Enid walking to the Hilltop to see Maggie. Carl refuses to go with her. Back at the Hilltop, Sasha offers to scavenge in trade for Maggie staying and asks Jesus why he's not in charge. "What do you want, Jesus?!" she asks, in one of the funniest lines of the night. He gives her something shiny that belonged to Abe. "I liked him. He was one of the only people I ever met who could say something to make you wince and smile at the same time." Maggie comes in and they discuss their options. "Maybe we stay" says Sasha, "What can Gregory do? He's an idiot." "He's a coward," says Maggie, "they're more dangerous." Cut to Enid, biking to the Hilltop. She's startled by a walker and out of nowhere, a car slams into it, backs up, and runs it over. It's Carl. "What are you doing here?" Enid asks. "I like to drive," he replies. We then get the best scene of the episode (and maybe of the season so far), as that night, an armored car is driven through the gates of the Hilltop, blasting classical music. Fires have been set. Following the light and noise, walkers swarm the colony. With most Hilltop residents lacking the zombie-killing skills needed to defeat them, it's up to Maggie, Sasha, and Jesus to save the day night. Sasha's alone on the ground. Maggie instantly goes into battlefield command mode, ordering people to close the gates and asking Jesus to help Sasha. He slides down a column like Batman and unleashes some of the best kung-fu we've seen yet, The car is locked and the windows are armored, so Sasha can't quiet the music. (During all this, there's a nice touch: Gregory peeks out his window, sees what's going on, and retreats into the shadows.) There's rumbling, and a tractor roars to life, backing up over walkers as it heads towards the car. Who knows how to drive a tractor? Farmgirl Maggie, of course, who doesn't really seem to be following doctor's orders about resting. She backs over the car (a '70s AMC Gremlin) and flattens it like a scene out of a monster truck rally. The next day, Gregory and Jesus argue again about whether Sasha and Maggie can stay. Gregory doesn't appreciate the fact that they saved them all and wants them to leave, with a parting gift of preserves. Just then, the saviors arrive. Jesus takes Maggie and Sasha to hide in a closet as Negan's right-hand man Simon walks in with dozens of armed men. He explains to Gregory that the crew of saviors they were dealing with are dead (the ones Rick's group killed at the outpost) and that last night's attack was a message of leadership by example. Simon said the saviors planned to clean up the mess themselves, but seems surprised that the isolated, non-violent Hilltop crew handled it without any help. After a long, intimidating scene asserting his dominance, Simon asks Gregory if there's anything else he should know about. "Yes, there is," Gregory replies, and leads Simon to the closet where Sasha and Maggie are hiding, but when he opens it, it's filled with bottles of scotch. A surprised Gregory plays it off, but Simon is unimpressed. "Hate this stuff. Tastes like ashtrays and window cleaner. I'm a gin man." But he takes it anyway, as Negan is a fan. Simon orders his guys to take half of everything and makes Gregory kneel before him, clearly demonstrating that some of his boss' management techniques have rubbed off. Back on the road, Enid and Carl find roller skates (yes, roller skates) and share a teenage moment as they hold hands while skating down the road. They arrive at the Hilltop to see Negan's men packing up. Carl devises a plan to follow them. Carl wants Enid to come with him, but she wants to stay and see Maggie. Daaawwww... and they share a kiss before parting ways. "They'll see you," Carl says. "No, they won't," she replies. Back in his house, Gregory finds Jesus. He's furious that he hid Maggie and Sasha in a different closet. Jesus demands that Maggie and Sasha get to stay, "We all get to be one big, happy, dysfunctional family." "I made progress with them [the saviors] today. You saw it" Gregory says. "Thats not what I saw." replies Jesus. "We play nice, they play nice. See dear," Gregory says to Maggie, "saviors can actually be quite reasonable." She hauls off slugs him in the face. She takes Glenn's watch from his pocket. "This is our home now. So you'll learn to start to call me by name. Not Marsha, not dear, not honey. Maggie. Maggie Rhee." After Gregory leaves, Jesus hints that maybe Maggie should run the Hilltop. He says that he should have dealt with Gregory sooner and offers to make it up to them. Maggie leaves and Sasha asks him: "If you want to make it up to us, can you find where Negan lives?" "Yeah, I can do that." Jesus says. They agree to keep it just between them. At the graves, Maggie finds Enid. "Are you OK?" Enid asks."No," Maggie replies, "but I will be." They hug. Enid's impressed that Maggie smooshed walkers with a tractor. Maggie explains she once did it to a boy's car in high school. Sasha walks in: "You came by yourself?" "Yeah," Enid lies. Enid put green balloons to mark Abe's grave. Maggie explains that she was going to use the watch to mark Glenn's, but instead gives it to Enid. "We don't need anything to remember him by. We have us." The three women join hands and pray. Outside, Simon's convoy drives away. Sasha smokes Abe's cigar and sharpens her knife. Jesus jumps into the back of one of the trucksand starts pouring the bottles of scotch out of the back. "Hey," someone says. It's Carl -- he's stowed away on the truck as well. Jesus is surprised, but looks happy to have a partner on his mission.

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