This Is How Much It Costs To Be Mariah Carey

Photo: Chelsea Lauren/REX/Shutterstock.
It certainly isn't easy being Mariah Carey. But, now we know, it isn't cheap either. E! tracked what Carey might spend on average for accommodations across the globe and it was clear she gets nothing but the best. And that kind of luxury costs a pretty penny. Let's break this down, shall we? The rent for Carey's Calabasas mansion is reportedly roughly $250,000. When she's in Las Vegas she stays at the Nobu Villa at the Nobu Hotel in Caesar's Palace, which costs around $35,000 a night. Not to mention, when she's off skiing in Aspen during the holidays she shells out $1,400 nightly for an Airbnb rental. Renting a mega-yacht to sail around Capri, like she did this past summer, would cost her $340,000 a week. To take eight of her closest friends to dinner at the West Hollywood celeb-staple Craig's she would pay $1,500. Her champagne tab alone would be no less than $440, being that that's the price of one bottle of Dom Perignon. To do all of these things, you know Carey's not scrimping on the glamour. This means she needs a team that will make her look as good as her bank account allows, which is upwards of $19,000. It's estimated that she pays her hair stylist $9,600 per appearance. But, this is all chump change for the star, who E! reported has made $50 million in royalties thanks to all the times you've played "All I Want For Christmas." Not to rub it in, but this doesn't even count her album sales or the money she makes touring during the holiday season. Learn more about what it costs to live in Mariah's World when her mini docuseries debuts December 4.

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