Melissa McCarthy Only Spent A Single Day Shooting The Gilmore Girls Revival

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For those excited to see Melissa McCarthy back in Stars Hollow, know that it will be a short, but sweet appearance. In an interview with TVLine, creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband Daniel revealed that Sookie's appearance on Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life was filmed in just one day. But it was a long day. "We had [Melissa McCarthy] for one day and of course we threw her, like, a 10-page scene, because, why not?” Sherman-Palladino said, before joking. “She did say, 'Bring it.' And we brought it.” Due to scheduling conflicts, it was at first unclear whether McCarthy would even be able to return to the series at all. (Not to mention, McCarthy said she wasn't originally asked to be a part of it.) So, while it may not feel like enough Sookie, remember that a little bit is way better than nothing at all. Especially since Sherman-Palladino is assuring fans that McCarthy's scenes are going to make you fall in love with Sookie all over again. (As if that weren't already clear from her "pornographic" cameo in the show's trailer.) “The weird thing was, she walked on [sporting Sookie’s signature] ponytails, with the chef thing and [everything] sort of clicked back into the way it was," Sherman-Palladino said. "She was just delightful.” Even more delightful is the relationship Lauren Graham and McCarthy apparently share offscreen. According to Sherman-Palladino the two were "particularly fun" to watch “because they are like a weird, psychotic Ethel and Lucy just when they get together off camera; they finish each other’s thoughts and they have a whole physical thing that they do.” Graham recently said that having McCarthy back was like "icing on the cake. It was the final piece of the puzzle to make sure that the show felt whole." Back in April, McCarthy said returning to the Gilmore Girls set was an emotional experience. "I just visited the set and everything about it felt like home," she told Time. "Seeing Stars Hollow, I realized I had missed it way more than I had thought." The feeling is definitely mutual.

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