Meet 7 Rising Latina Artists Who Are About To Blow Up The Music Scene

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A few weeks ago, I got my entire life at iHeartRadio's Fiesta Latina. It was a night to remember, with artists new and old coming together for a live show overflowing with Latino pride. But the more I danced and sang my heart out (and yes, cried), the more I became aware of a huge, glaring problem. On such an amazing night, there was one major element missing: women.

I'm sure I was aware of this fact at some point before that night, but it truly hit me during the concert just how much of a male-dominated industry Latino music still is. While I'm a huge fan of the likes of J Balvin, Gente de Zona, and Enrique Iglesias, it was actually pretty shocking that on a night featuring 10 performers, not a single one was a woman.

I then started to rack my brain for Latina performers who could have been invited. Of course, there are a few names everyone knows on the music scene: Shakira, Selena Gomez, a few of the Fifth Harmony members, and the still-reigning queen, Jennifer Lopez (bow down), who performed at the show last year. But there are also some rising artists who deserve their time to shine in an arena mostly dominated by men.

So here, I rounded up some Latina up-and-comers who are killing the game right now. And here at Refinery29, we always want to hear more artists we may not be familiar with! So if you have a musician you'd like to draw attention to, make sure to leave us a comment.

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Photo: Becky G official website.
Becky G
The 19-year-old RCA Records signee first made radio waves with her single "Shower" in 2014. But she made her music debut back in 2011 by covering songs on YouTube. Now, the singer — who sings in both English and Spanish — is set to release her first album next year. Oh, and if she looks familiar beyond her music videos, it's because she had a steamy cameo in season 2 of Empire. (Yep, that was her in the bathtub with Hakeem!)
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Cardi B
Everyone's favorite character from Love & Hip-Hop isn't just a hilariously blunt TV personality known for the catchphrase turned song "Washpoppin." The Dominican and Trinidadian Bronx resident is also a talented rapper who lends her unique flow to honest (and often hilarious) lyrics, championing independence and women's sexuality.
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Melanie Martinez
Since the Team Adam member was eliminated from the fifth round of The Voice in 2012, Martinez has launched a career on her own with her whimsical brand of jazzy, alt-pop R & B. And the Puerto Rican and Dominican Long Island resident's fans are hardcore; in addition to giving her addictive single "Crybaby" millions of listens on YouTube and Spotify, they also love to create fan art inspired by her doll-like looks.
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Sofia Reyes
Reyes is another artist who was discovered through her song covers on YouTube (you have to hear her chill-inducing cover of Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball"). But the Mexican singer's strength is her ability to effortlessly move between pop, reggaeton, and acoustic ballads. The 21-year-old is currently signed to bachata singer Prince Royce's label, and the duo collaborated earlier this year on the delicate, romantic single "Solo Yo."
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Photo: BIA official website.
Colombian reggaeton artist J Balvin has been heating up the Latin Billboard charts since his album release in July. But most listeners of his single "Safari" were taken not just by Balvin or Pharrell Williams (who sings the chorus), but by BIA, the female rapper on the track, whose verse is arguably the best and most infectious on the song. The Puerto Rican and Italian lyricist previously appeared on Oxygen's Sisterhood of Hip-Hop. She raps in both Spanish and English (her single "Gucci's Coming Home" became rapper Gucci Mane's anthem for his return from prison last June) and is now signed to RCA Records and Pharrell's label i am OTHER. No word yet on when it's coming, but I'm patiently waiting for her first album.
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Sammi Sanchez
In August, Sanchez released the Latin remix to her single "Girls Talk." The Mexican-American singer's pop anthems are infectious; her voice was made for those songs you want to blast in your car with the windows down. But the 18-year-old is also wise beyond her years: "You've been actin' like a little boy," she sings in "Girls Talk," "Playin' around ain't you paranoid / I ain't gonna give you one more try." Tell 'em, girl.
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Snow Tha Product
STP is a Cali-born Mexican-American rapper. And she is good. She could battle with the best of the boys in the rap game, and just like the guys, she doesn't shy away from explicit lyrics. She most recently lent her skills to the new Hamilton Mixtape on the song "Immigrants," where she raps, "We America's ghostwriters, the credits only borrowed." Preach! Looking forward to more insightful lyrics like these on her debut album with Atlantic Records.

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