Mandy Moore Says Things Are About To Get “Heavy” On This Is Us

Do you cry every week while watching This Is Us? Mandy Moore has bad news for you. Things are not going to get any easier anytime soon. Moore shared a photo of herself and co-star Milo Ventimiglia along with a car full of their TV kids. In it, she thanks the fans for all their support, calling the outpouring of love "overwhelming and humbling." But then, she drops a bomb. "Get ready — the next batch of episodes are heavy," Moore writes, after explaining that this week's episode includes a family road trip. Sorry, things weren't pretty heavy already? It gets worse? We're wondering if we should expect a bombshell episode about Kevin? Or more details on how Jack died? Or is it that Kate and Toby are breaking up? Does William, Randall's birth father, die? Do literally all of these things happen at once? This show loves testing the limits of our emotions. We're already afraid to tune in — but we'll see you next Tuesday night.

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