How Much Of Miranda Lambert’s New Album Is About Gwake? An Analysis

Do you have 90 minutes to dedicate solely to Miranda Lambert today? I didn't think so. But that's how long her new album, The Weight of My Wings, happens to be — and I have to say, even though I'm not an out-and-proud country fan, it's actually worth almost every moment of listening. Lambert has turned out a record that swings back and forth between soothing ballads that sync with your heartbeat, and true country croon tunes that make the most of her voice and range as an artist. It's beautiful, danceable, and at times, it'll make your heart ache. But let's be honest. Here's what we all really want to know: To what extent does this album, Lambert's first since her highly public split with Blake Shelton, reflect on her ex? That answer is a little open to interpretation, and probably depends on how much listening between the lines you're wont to do. Let's put it this way, though: I have dedicated way too much time to thinking about Gwake over the last year, so one of the things that I wanted from this album was for Lambert to open up about what she's been through. (And also to see if she could blow Shelton and Stefani's "Go Ahead and Break My Heart" out of the water.) If you feel the same, then I am delighted to share my assessment of Lambert's latest. The 24 tracks are divided onto two discs: "The Nerve" and "The Heart." My theory is that the first embodies the singer's raw reaction to the last couple years of her life, while the second seems more concerned with moving forward — and reminding people that she was always the more marketable star of the former power couple. Here we go, folks... Disc One: “The Nerve” 1. Song Title: "Runnin' Just in Case"
Standout Lyric: "Happiness ain't prison, but there's freedom in a broken heart."
Is it about Blake/Gwake? Questionable. She says she's not "chasing love" in the song, but she's also "running just in case" it shows up. So it seems like this is more about moving on to the next when he shows up, but right now she's chilling in the solo zone.
When we would cue it up: Definitely post-breakup, when we were trying to console ourselves about being suddenly single.
TFW: You're sad, but also kind of enjoying being sad.
2. Song Title: "Highway Vagabond"
Standout Lyric: "But if we ain't broke down then we ain't doing something right."
Is it about Blake/Gwake? Nah.
When we would cue it up: On a road trip, for sure.
TFW: You're cruisin' and carefree.
3. Song Title: "Ugly Lights"
Standout Lyric: "I drink too much to fall apart / That's how I fight this broken heart."
Is it about Blake/Gwake? This song may insist that it's about how not to let your heart break. But it sounds a helluva lot like a single gal nursing a broken heart. So, potentially: Yes.
When we would cue it up: When we're starting to feel a little drunk and have the opportunity to dance solo in the kitchen.
TFW: You're feeling like a sassy mess.
4. Song Title: "You Wouldn't Know Me"
Standout Lyric: "You'll never know me by asking how I've been / You'll never keep up that way."
Is it about Blake/Gwake? Possibly about Blake, because it sort of sounds like a woman calling out a man she's left about how he is never going to put in the work to at least try to stay friends.
When we would cue it up: When you're doing chores? I don't know. Honestly, this one is a little forgettable.
TFW: You know you're listening to a country album.
5. Song Title: "We Should Be Friends"
Standout Lyric: "And I can judge the cover 'cause I wrote the book / On losing sleep and gaining weight."
Is it about Blake/Gwake? Decidedly not. But it does seem like an anthem for finding new adult female friends, which isn't an easy task.
When we would cue it up: There are some great guitar solos in this one. But I think more generally, this feels like a bachelorette weekend theme song.
TFW: When you and your girlfriends are trying to find commonalities in self-destructive behavioral tendencies.

Song Title: "Pink Sunglasses"
Standout Lyric: "When I'm walking by I wanna roll my eyes / In my pink sunglasses."
Is it about Blake/Gwake? No. This is a song about loving to wear pink sunglasses. And not in a "Pink Cadillac" kind of way — no subtext here, folks.
When we would queue it up: This feels like a getting ready song, like pre-Tinder date when you're working up a little badass confidence.
TFW: You put on something that makes you feel powerful as fuck.
7. Song Title: "Getaway Driver"
Standout Lyric: "When she's feeling reckless / Tangled in her messes / Wild eyes lookin' for a chase / There's nothing white lines can't erase."
Is it about Blake/Gwake? It doesn't seem like it. But it does kind of seem like this might be a veiled cocaine song. I don't know. I just don't know.
When we would cue it up: It's a somber one. So, when we are feeling the sads.
TFW: You secretly wish you were starring in a music video for a Taylor Swift ballad.
8. Song Title: "Vice"
Standout Lyric: "Another call, another bed I shouldn't crawl out of / At 7 a.m. with shoes in my hand."
Is it about Blake/Gwake? Mmm. I'm gonna say no. But definitely seems to be about a woman who is running away from the past and trying to distract herself by having sex with strangers.
When we would cue it up: Okay, so, this is kind of a great song. But like a lot of the album, it's a little bit of a downer — not exactly dinner party music. If I had to predict when I would listen to it (and let's be honest, I probably will), it would likely be at home, alone, doing chores, with a glass of alcohol.
TFW: You know you've made your own mess.
9. Song Title: "Smoking Jacket"
Standout Lyric: "We go together just like nicotine and Chanel / And when he lights up I'm his Lucky Strike."
Is it about Blake/Gwake? In the sense that it sounds like it's about moving on from Blake, absolutely.
When we would cue it up: Either late Saturday night or early Sunday morning.
TFW: Something sexy is about to happen.
10. Song Title: "Pushin' Time" (Featuring Anderson East)
Standout lyric: "Now I'm tradin' miles for minutes / This bed's too big without you in it."
Is it about Blake/Gwake? Definitely sounds like a song about a relationship that's fallen apart. So less Gwake, but potentially Blake.
When we would cue it up: When drunk, sad, etc.
TFW: You wish you could go back the moment before things broke for good.
11. Song Title: "Covered Wagon"
Standout Lyric: "I feel so free and easy / Like a funky pioneer."
Is it about Blake/Gwake? Nope. It's about getting out of town on a covered wagon. So...
When we would queue it up: Never. Just being honest.
TFW: You want a song to end.
12. Song Title: "Use My Heart"
Standout Lyric: "I don't give two shits no more or so I say / It wouldn't make a difference to you anyway."
Is it about
Blake/Gwake? Sounds like it's about the heartbreak and disillusionment that arrives when you leave your marriage behind. So we're going with a solid maybe.
When we would cue it up:
This is a listen-while-you're-doing-something-else song.
TFW: Meh.
Disc Two: "The Heart" 1. Song Title:"Tin Man"
Standout Lyric: "By the way there, Mr. Tin Man / If you don't mind the scars / You give me your armor / And you can have my heart."
Photo: Taylor Hill/Getty Images.
Is it about Blake/Gwake? Not specifically Gwake or Blake, but definitely heartbreak. So in a way, yes.
When we would cue it up: While crying about the ex who threw our heart in a blender and hit the "pulse" button.
TFW: You're sobbing in a puddle of your own tears on the kitchen floor. (Why do I always seem to melt down in the kitchen?) 2. Song Title: "Good Ol' Days"
Standout Lyric: "I'm on a roll but I'm in doubt / And I don't know why / But still I second-guess my place / What I stand to lose for winning."
Is it about Blake/Gwake? Nope. Kinda seems like it's about religion.
When we would cue it up: En route to church, if that's a thing you do.
TFW: It's a sunny summer morning, and you're still not sure what to listen to yet.
3. Song Title:"Things That Break"
Standout Lyric: "I leave it all in ruins / Cause I don't know what I'm doing."
Is it about Blake/Gwake? Definitely seems to hearken to the divorce.
When we would cue it up: When we're feeling sorry for ourselves.
TFW: You know it's all your fault.
4. Song Title:"For the Birds"
Standout Lyric: "Well I guess I'm anti / Against the stuff that sucks."
Is it about Blake/Gwake? Okay, so on the surface, this is not about Gwake. But it also seems like a declaration of what Lambert is standing for — which also seems like an indictment of what her former flame may not have been. She's not for letting "good tomatoes rot," which sounds a little bit like deciding to give up on something good instead of doubling down.
When we would cue it up: Whenevs. This is a feel-good track.
TFW: You're feeling very self-actualized.
5. Song Title: "Well-Rested"
Standout lyric: "Like a caged bird barely set free / Forgive me I'm finding my wings."
Is it about Blake/Gwake? Oh, TOTALLY about being single again after breaking up.
When we would cue it up: Sad days.
TFW: Weeping.
6. Song Title: "Tomboy"
Standout Lyric: "She's got a softer side she'll never let you see / With tears in her eyes she'd rather be caught dead."
Is it about Blake/Gwake? Nah.
When we would cue it up: This is one of those songs that comes on and you don't change it, but you don't like, specifically put it on.
TFW: Chilling.
7. Song Title: "To Learn Her"
Standout Lyric: "To love her is to lose her / Hey, that's just how it works."
Is it about Blake/Gwake? Possible. You don't sing "to love her is to lose her" if you don't know that to be true.
When we would cue it up: When we're feeling like some true country blues.
TFW: You want to slow dance a little, but like, with melancholy.
8. Song Title: "Keeper of the Flame"
Standout Lyric: "I'm bent, but I'm not broken / I'm stronger than I feel / I'm made of flesh and bone / Not made of steel."
Is it about Gwake/Blake? This is a LADY ANTHEM, so no way.
When we would cue it up: This song needs to be in a Sandra Bullock movie, ASAP. Like, the moment when she runs down a country road to meet her true love.
TFW: You are finally read to shake off the cobwebs and MOVE ON.
9. Song Title: "Bad Boy"
Standout Lyric: "Don't think you can buy my heart / Don't think I haven't figured you out from the start."
Is it about Gwake/Blake? Nope. No evidence to that effect. Unless Blake is the bad boy of whom she speaks? Doubtful, though.
When we would cue it up: Friday night, getting ready to go out, waiting for that person you met on Tinder to finally text your ass back.
TFW: You're feeling bad, in the Michael Jackson sense.
10. Song Title: "Six Degrees of Separation"
Standout Lyric: "You're all over this damn nation / But I'm out of your reach geographically / But you still find a way to get a hold on me."
Is it about Gwake/Blake? I am going with a solid yes. This seems like a song about the ex you just cannot seem to escape; he might not be in your actual sightline anymore, but he is everywhere you look.
When we would cue it up: Literally whenever. This is my favorite song on this album. It doesn't read country: It's more of an indie-rock song, and whatever effect was used on the vocal is damn great. Plus it's pretty universally relatable.
TFW: You thought you were OVER IT, but turns out you just can't escape.

Song Title: "Dear Old Sun"
Standout Lyric: "February's been hard on a heart / But we're near the end / And it's almost march."
Is it about Gwake/Blake? Well, it's not just about seasonal affective disorder.
When we would cue it up: When we're sad. Also, in the middle of winter when we're missing sunshine.
TFW: Your SAD is making you sad.
12. Song Title: "I've Got Wheels"
Standout Lyric: "I've got wheels / I'm rolling on."
Is it about Gwake / Blake? Honestly, this one seems like it's about Miranda. She's got wheels, gang. She's rolling on. Good for her.
When we would cue it up: When we needed a little confidence pick-me-up.
TFW: You're finally over him.
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