7 Smart Solutions To Your Most Annoying Winter Beauty Problems

When the temperature drops, you know you’re in for a beating. But that doesn’t mean you can’t beat winter at its own game — you know, that one that ends in chapping, flaking, redness, and just plain irritation (both of the physical and mental varieties).
The trick is knowing, well, the tricks to saving your face, your body, your hair, and even your feet throughout the season. Because it’s not just the cold that’s crushing your beauty soul right now: it’s scratchy sweaters, socks, and scarves; short, dark days; and hats — don’t even get us started on hats. Flip through for seven simple, pro-approved ways to win the battle of woman versus winter. Tip number eight: Do yourself a favor and sleep with a cool-air humidifier (it won’t cause frizz).

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