Bella Thorne’s Hair Makeover Is Even More Dramatic Than We Thought

Update: Bella Thorne's full transformation has been revealed! The actress doesn't just have a shock of scarlet hair — her tips have been dyed a fluorescent yellow as well. That's Bella for you. Just when you think the beauty transformation is complete, there's another surprise waiting.

This story was originally published on November 15, 2016, at 1:10 p.m.
Bella Thorne might as well produce her own beauty reality show. The star constantly uploads her cosmetic escapades to Snapchat, including body tattoos, brow tattoos, and a septum piercing. Today, she adds dyeing her hair to that list, trading her traditionally strawberry-blonde strands for a bright fire-engine red — all while documenting every step, of course.
In the series of posts, Thorne’s stylist massages the fresh color into the star’s hair, all while discussing the big questions in life, like why our bodies naturally wake us a full hour before we actually have to get up. (Seriously. Whyyyyyyy?) During the process, Thorne shares a picture of what may have inspired her color choice — bright red nails that mimic her hair’s fiery new shade.
Photo: Via @bellathornedab/Snapchat.
An hour later, another snap shows the final outcome: stick-straight, vivid red hair that — true to form — will do anything but help Thorne blend into a crowd. We’re digging the bright, new look on the actress, though we know better than to get attached. Knowing Thorne, it’s only a matter of time before she switches up her look again. Just keep refreshing that feed.
Photo: Via @bellathornedab/Snapchat.

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