These Ice Cream Videos Will Make You Feel Dairy, Dairy Good

Photographed by Katie McCurdy.
You know how sometimes, when you need a quick break at work, you'll look through baby pictures or cat memes? I do that with ice cream. When the emails pile up, or I've read one too many think pieces, I turn to videos of ice cream being stirred. Imagine: thick ropes of dairy, moving in a circular motion, sometimes with chocolate chunks or pieces of cookie. What could be more soothing? Nothing, I tell you, nothing — except, of course, a cone of ice cream. Beyond eating the frozen delicacy itself, watching ice cream being stirred is probably the fastest route to peace of mind, at least for me.
Ample Hills Creamery, an NYC-based ice cream purveyor, regularly posts videos of its ice-cream making process, and I retreat to its Instagram page when the going gets tough. I love to watch the giant silver spoon tug at the custard. I love when the cookies hit the surface of the ice cream, forcing it to buckle only slightly. The videos are like a massage for my eyeballs, a virtual indulgence.
Because I believe in the greater good, please find a few of such videos below. When you've exhausted these clips, don't worry: There's a whole Instagram page of delight for you to explore. If even that doesn't satisfy, we've got perfect GIFs of ice cream that will work the same magic.

Some late afternoon Ozzy and Peppermint Pattie churning with Christian & Jasmine.

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