What Celebrities Really Eat Isn’t What You’d Expect

Photo: Mark Cuthbert/UK Press/ Getty Images.
Sometimes, it's hard to believe that celebrities are anything like us. That can seem especially true when it comes to food — after all, many celebrities have access to private chefs and a slew of fine dining options we can only dream about (or save up for once in a while).
But just because someone's a celebrity doesn't mean that all of their tastes are high-end. They're human, after all; many of our favorite famous people enjoy a good fast-food meal from time to time.
We did some digging into what celebrities really eat, based on interviews they've given over the years. Some of them are more surprising than others — apparently, sriracha popcorn is a thing now? — but many of them are totally relatable. Plus, we're dying to try some of our favorite celebs' weirder tricks, like Channing Tatum's suggestion to add Cheetos to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
Click through to find out what snacks and meals these stars can't get enough of.

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