Want To Move To Stars Hollow? Here’s How Much It Would Cost

Gilmore Girls is the current topic on everybody's lips. Because of the upcoming release of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, everyone is buzzing about the show and picking apart many different aspects of its seven seasons. As major fans, we have to admit, we are loving every second of it.
Foodies are cooking up recipes from different episodes; beauty lovers are applying Gilmore Girls-themed lip balms, and we're all wishing we could unwind with those candles that are scented according to what different parts of Stars Hollow might smell like. The newest part of the show that's being analyzed and brought to life is the characters' real estate investments. Has the Gilmore Girls mania gone too far? Nah, we don't think so.
Recently, Trulia revealed how much it would cost to live in a few of the key homes from the series. So, if you're re-watching in preparation for the revival, and you've found yourself daydreaming about buying a house in Stars Hollow and living among the quirky and sometimes meddlesome residents, here's how much you'd have to fork over to move in.

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