Here's How To Turn Off Those Pre-Election Hillary Social Media Posts

Following America's descent into a blackened hell pit of despair, it can be kind of stressful to look at posts from a happier time (November 7). We were all so full of hope, heart, and #withher. Now, we're all hunkering under pieces of wreckage so the TrumpBots don't spray us with gunfire like we're in the future from Terminator. That may not be 100% accurate, but the posts are annoying.

So here's how to turn them off.

Twitter is the simplest, and you should be using the timeline view anyways. Log into your Twitter from your desktop browser. Click your profile picture in the tope right. Click "Settings." Make sure uncheck the box beside "Show me the best Tweets first." If you're on mobile, the same box can be found in the settings menu for "Timeline."

Facebook is a bit more complex but still simple. You'll find "News Feed" on the left side of your desktop screen. Click the down arrow and select "Most Recent" rather than "Top Stories." You can also turn off individual people or groups of clicking "Hide Post" on the top right of each individual post. That will enable you to turn off just one or all posts by that account. I do this all the time, at random. It's very peaceful.

Instagram doesn't have any of these options, but seems to be the least stressful of the social networks. So just lay back and enjoy that sweet-ass algorithmic timeline.

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