Trump Protests Rock Nation In Wake Of Contentious Election

Donald Trump's election has occasioned major civil unrest. Protesters took to the streets across the nation after a contentious election that many Clinton supporters say could mean a major blow to America. Though the most prominent of these protests was at Trump Tower, New York City, that was far from the only one. A quick look at Periscope will show protests streaming live from Dallas, San Francisco, Washington, DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, and a host of other cities around the country. Police responded to reports that five people were reportedly shot downtown after or during an anti-Trump rally in Seattle, according to The Seattle Times. We don't know at this time whether the violence was related to the rally, exactly who did the shooting, or whom was shot. Chants arose, expressing both anger and plans for action going forward. These included: "Fuck your wall," "Rapist," "Shut it down," "Pussy grabs back," "Fuck Trump," "Shame on you," and many more. Video and photos posted to Twitter highlighted a scene of anger against Donald Trump and what he represents.

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