George R.R. Martin Says “Winter Is Coming” To America

Snowden/Getty Images for AMC Networks
Everyone had their own way of reacting to the election night news that Donald Trump is going to be the next president of the United States, but perhaps the A Song Of Ice And Fire writer George R.R Martin, whose books inspired the hit Game Of Thrones, put it best in the blog post he wrote the morning after. Titled "President Pu**ygrabber," the post is a frank reaction to the reality that all of America has to face come January. "There are really no words for how I feel this morning," the author writes on his LiveJournal account. "America has spoken." On Tuesday, Donald Trump won the nomination with 279 electoral votes, beating democratic opponent Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. This was something pretty much nobody expected, so the author isn't alone in his shock. Martin goes on to write about these depressing facts, and he's not optimistic. "Trump was the least qualified candidate ever nominated by a major party for the presidency," he says. "Come January, he will become the worst president in American history, and a dangerously unstable player on the world stage." He continues to lament the state of our democracy, ending the post with a warning that Game Of Thrones fans know all too well: "Winter is coming."

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