We Can All Agree On One Thing: Key Race Alerts Are The Worst

Breaking news: Americans are tired of hearing "breaking news alerts." In particular, the phrase "key race alert" seems to be, erm, reverberating across the electorate Tuesday night. And Twitter has thoughts.
CNN has adopted the phrase "key race alert" to signal whenever Wolf Blitzer is about to announce some big polling news. Except at this stage in an increasingly tight race, analysts and anchors can't say all that much definitively. With new numbers are pouring in every minute, it's impossible to actually call things one way or the other. So every "key race alert" is more like a "hold on, we don't really know what's going on." Also, Wolf is clearly appropriating DJ Khaled's signature line and we're not sure he even knows what he's doing. (Just kidding. Wolf Blitzer = Major Key.)
So if you've been sitting on the edge of your couch all night and wondering just how many more times you can stand hearing the phrase "key race alert" without losing your mind, just know you're not alone. Enjoy your fellow Americans' humorous tweets and memes.

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